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An integrated real estate company that transforms buildings and places into “housing” for the most innovative businesses, brands and people.

We believe that...

A sense of place is physical as well as emotional


Your place of work should say as much about you as your home

It takes a coffee shop to build a village


Vintage B&W Photos of San Francisco in 1968 Reveal the Carefree Lifestyle of Youths

My Modern Met

"On the cusp of the 1970’s, San Francisco was a veritable hub of culture. This series of vintage photographs, taken by the late William Gedney in 1968 captures the spirit of the streets—from the peaceful hippies to the wild radicals."
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Cyberspace lacks a comfortable sofa

The party always ends up in the kitchen

Successful environments evolve over time

Roadmaps are best left in the glove box


The final destination is subject to change


Repurposing is the new building


Master Planners

Creative Space perfects the alchemy of urban renewal.

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Urban transformation should serve its community


Global citizens suffer terrible jet lag

The right space can enhance creativity

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